Working with asciidoc on Fedora

Install Asciidoc and DocBook
yum install asciidoc
yum install docbook-dtds
yum install publican
yum install dblatex
yum install libxml2-devel
yum install libxslt docbook5-style-xsl docbook-utils

To generate PDF files LaTeX is required. See here how to install LaTeX and XeLaTeX on Fedora.

Generate html file from asciidoc file
asciidoc myfile.txt
Use ‘-n’ to have numbered sections
asciidoc -n myfile.txt

Generate PDF file
Although it is possible to directly create PDF files using a2x utility, I prefer to convert my file to docbook format and then to PDF.
asciidoc -n --doctype=article --backend=docbook45 myfile.txt
asciidoc --doctype=book --backend=docbook45 myfile.txt
dblatex gramata.xml
dblatex --backend=xetex gramata.xml