Fedora 23 long boot time

First rows of systemd-analyze blame reveal that mlocate-updatedb.service takes more than one minute during boot process:

1min 34.881s mlocate-updatedb.service
1min 13.159s plymouth-quit-wait.service
     13.293s firewalld.service
      8.945s dev-sda5.device
      8.904s systemd-udev-settle.service

I found the solution on stackexchange.com. The first answer by slm suggests to simply remove mlocate. Quoting the answer:

  1. First find out where the program is located on disk.

    $ type updatedb
    updatedb is /usr/bin/updatedb
  2. Next find out what package provides updatedb.

    $ rpm -qf /usr/bin/updatedb
  3. See if anything requires mlocate.

    $ rpm -q --whatrequires mlocate
    no package requires mlocate
  4. Nothing requires it so you can remove the package.

    $ dnf remove mlocate

I followed the instructions and now my Fedora 23 boots faster:

21.899s plymouth-quit-wait.service
10.138s systemd-udev-settle.service
 7.866s dev-sda5.device
 5.571s firewalld.service
 4.935s systemd-journald.service