How to enable MS Excel support in pandas

How to install COBRApy in Lubuntu 15.10

Step-by-step installation instructions.

Python Pandas reindex and new index

reindex is not for generating a new index

How to manage printers in Fedora

Use CUPS web admin, not Gnome Printer setings

Fedora 23 long boot time

Remove mlocate to speed up boot.

How to install LaTeX and XeLaTeX in Fedora 23

XeLaTeX requires a number packages. Here is how to install them all.

Use gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0') before import

How to fix gi.require_version error

How to disable SElinux on Fedora 23

Turn off SElinux to speed up your Fedora

Things to do after fresh Fedora 23 installation

Turn a freshly installed Fedora 23 into a scientist's workstation.

How to upgrade SciPy on Fedora 23

As it was with Fedora 22, the Fedora 23 still ships with SciPy version 0.14.1.

How to play encrypted DVDs on Fedora 22

How to clone, compile and install libdvdcss.

LibreOffice: Readonly content cannot be changed

By default Libre/Open Office will not allow you to delete form fields in Microsoft .doc or .docx files. When you try to get rid of form fields, you will get an error message like one below.

Using Android phone without Google account

If you have ever wondered how usable Android phone is without having Google account, most probably you have already discovered the ugly truth - Android phone is a trap.

htaccess allow IP addresses

If your website is under construction, you can simply edit .htaccess file to disallow visits to your website.

Running Mendeley Desktop in Fedora 19

By default Mendeley Desktop refuses to work. For me the solution was to install QtWebKit and QtSvg packages.

How to add manual entries to Gnome Shell Launcher

With gnome-shell, you'll need to create a .desktop file in '~/.local/share/applications/' which will then allow you to add the application to the gnome-shell dash.

How to download a complete website

If you ever need to download an entire Web site, wget can do the job.

Mendeley's LibreOffice Plugin

Mendeley's LibreOffice Plugin not working in Fedora 18

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